A Learning how to play piano in Omaha as a Beginner

Learning how to play a musical instrument such as the piano can be one of the most rewarding experiences that you could possibly imagine. You can start learning how to play the piano at just about any age which makes it a great experience for both young and old. If you have ever thought about learning how to play the piano or any other instrument for that matter in Omaha then you have come to the right place!

Learning to play the piano in the beginning stages is often quite easy, it starts with a simple melody in one hand and then you slowly start to integrate both hands into your playing. Progress goes really smooth for the first six months and maybe longer. Its fun and you are feeling like you are making progress. What you may notice that happens after this initial period is all of a sudden you hit a plateau, and need to figure out a new approach to progress in your piano playing.

It all starts with the basics

Before we move on into the intermediate level of piano playing we must first start with the basics. This is why you are here as a beginner is to learn the basics and to make sure we do not develop any bad habits. So what are the basics you might be asking. Lets start with the most fundamental and then move into more advanced.

Scales – If someone were to ask me what is the one thing I could focus on in my piano playing in order to get the most results I would say one word… Scales. Learning Scales in my experience, have been the foundation of my extraordinary playing and it is because I have mastered these that I can play almost any song that I want to. I can’t understate the importance of practicing Scales.

piano is fun - young women practices the piano confidently

Arpeggios – Next on the list of the basics is arpeggios. An arpeggio is basically taking the notes in a chord and then moving them up and down the keyboard. If you are still not sure what these are the best thing to do would be to ask your teacher. You could also consider checking out other online resources although I would not recommend it.

Phrasing – this is where the rubber hits the road and it is better that you start now. Learning hot to phrase will be the crux of what separates you apart from other pianists. What is phrasing you ask? Phrasing is the use of technique in a way that allows you to deepening the emotion of anything your playing. There are many aspects of phrasing to go into so to keep it simple for now I would like to advise you to start working on your phrasing with your teacher as soon as possible.

As long as you have this down you’ll be fine

What do you think is the most important thing as a beginner that you have down more than anything else? What I have learned over the years playing music is the one thing I always made sure I had down was my technique. Having good technique has so many postive consequences that I could probably go on al day. The thing to keep in mind with technique, is just like any other habit, you need to have consistency. This is why making sure all of our students have proper form and technique is extremely important because once its gone bad, it is very difficult to reverse a bad habit.

But what if I already have bad habits in playing the piano, is there anything I can do to change it? Yes! You can correct bad habits if you have some. Sure its better to not have any to start out with but just like anything, you can learn to correct it and do it the right way. And the next thing you know, after a few months of training and coaching you no longer will have that bad habit or technique. It really is that simple, and for this reason it is so so important to make sure you find a good piano teacher or coach.

A guide to piano every step of the way

A great piano teacher is there with you every step of the way to make sure that you are learning things the correct way, and making sure that you develop your skills in the most effective and efficient way possible. Would could be better then having someone who has done it before to be there to hold your hand every step of the way. To let you know when you are dong the right things to capitalize on it, and inform you when you might have an improper technique. This is the number one reason why you should not try to learn piano on your own, especially in the beginning.

Happy little Asian girl is playing piano

What is the next step in my piano journey?

To answer this question you need to ask yourself what you are really looking to get from piano and how hard are you willing to work at it. Are you the parent of a young child who is just looking to help inspire you child to become interested in music and learning the disciplines of success? or maybe you are a little older and the piano is the one thing you would like to go back and learn that you never did. Or maybe you are interested in song writing and want to use it as a tool to accelerate your growth to become a master producer.

Whatever your reasons are for learning the piano they are all sincere, and I am telling you to go for it! If you would like to start learning how to play the piano today then please contact us today for a free trial piano session. During this session we will evaluate where you are at and get a better understanding of what you would like to accomplish for yourself or your child. So what are you waiting for? Schedule a lesson today!